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Exhibitions for rental
Exhibitions available for rental from the Hamza Collection Print Facebook share

Exhibits, successfully assembled and presented in the past, are available for temporary rental from the continuously expanding assemblage of the Hamza Collection & Jasz Gallery. („Jasz” – pronounced „yaas” – was the name of the ethnic minority which inhabited the area around the town of Jaszbereny for centuries.) To make them accessible to a wider public, the museum is eager to lend them, at no cost, to other museums, galleries and various cultural establishments. This way the museum can not only popularize these exhibits of various genre and topics, but simultaneously may also assist other institutions in organizing and presenting material different from their usual programs.

Presently the museum offers for temporary rental six such exhibitions:

1. Akos D. Hamza: Tropicalia (paintings)

2. Akos D. Hamza: Ink Drawings Series (graphic art)

3. Hamza Studio: The Frescos of Aba-Novak in Jaszszentandras (photographs)

4. Statues in the Jaszsag District (photographs)

5. Chosen works from Jozsef Litkei (1924-1988)

6. Fashion designs from Maria Lehel Hamza (1906-1997)


Akos D. Hamza (1903-1993): Tropicalia (paintings) Print Facebook share

 The oeuvre of Akos D. Hamza as a painter is preserved in the Hamza Museum in Jaszbereny. The rich oeuvre is divided into several, distinctly different, groupings, allowing organizing and presenting several exhibits, each with its own characteristic. The most important, revered and intensively studied collection is the one containing paintings painted in his abstract, non-figurative style. Considered to be the most characteristic of his artistic work, paintings in the permanent exhibitions were selected from this collection.

Akos D. Hamza: "Ink Drawings" (graphic series) Print Facebook share

 While the artist’s legacy was being examined, a special group of paintings in his oeuvre, a series of ink drawings, was discovered, hidden in an old, battered portfolio. The title of the series was taken from the label on the portfolio.

Hamza Studio: "The Aba-Novak Frescos in Jaszszentandras" Print Facebook share
 The best-known and most thoroughly studied works of art in the Jaszsag District are probably the frescos of the Roman Catholic Church in Jaszszentandras. Painted in 1933 by Ferenc Chiovini and Vilmos Aba-Novak, the frescos can be seen in the chancel and the triumphal arch. Among the subjects shown are: Legend of the Holy Cross, Paradise Scenes, Jesus among his Disciples, Golgotha, Jesus Taken from the Cross, Last Judgement.
Statues in the Jaszsag District (photo competition) Print Facebook share
 In March 2007 the Hamza Museum and Jasz Gallery Public Foundation invited interested photographers to participate in a competition, by submitting digital photographs of statues standing in public places of the Jaszsag District. Participants were asked to include with the photos all available data related to the subjects, aiming for a publication which would include location, year of installation, name of the creating artist, delegated by whom, name of the patron, etc. Final purpose of the competition was strengthening the feeling of belonging to the region and summarizing this important treasure trove in an organized way. The material was evaluated by an expert jury which made then recommendations for inclusion in the exhibition.
Litkei József (1924-1988) válogatott művei Print Facebook share
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Litkei József: Körték2004-ben 20 db Litkei-művel gazdagodott a Hamza Múzeum gyűjteménye. Az 1958 és 1985 között készült alkotások között főként szitanyomatokat és akvarelleket találhatunk. A leginkább a plein air irányzatot követő jászsági festők többségétől eltérően Litkei József gazdag életművében absztrakt és figurális képek egyaránt fellelhetők. A múzeum állandó kiállításán jelenleg két alkotása látható.


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