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Continuing sale of originals and reproductions

Since March 2008 originals and reproductions of paintings and other artefacts by artists from the Jaszsag District have been, and will remain, on sale by the Hamza Museum. Other reproductions and souvenir-items can be bought in the Museum Bazaar, together with books about fine art, published by the Museum and by other publishers as well.

Original works by creative members of the “Association for the Fine Art-Friends of the Jasz Region” are also available in the bazaar. Andrea Demeny, Edit Farkas, Gizella Gara, Gyongyi B. Janosi, Maria Nagy Mrs Lajko, Janos Molnar, Eva Koncz, Mrs Nagy, Tamas Nagy, Anett Papp, Bela Telek and Magda Mozsár Mrs Terjeki are members of this continuously growing group.

Authenticated reproductions of paintings, full size or small-scale (on paper or canvas, depending on the original) are also offered for sale. They can be viewed, pre-selected and ordered, on the Association’s homepage: