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Legal regulations governing the website

The entire contents of the website of the Hamza Museum and Jasz Gallery are protected by copyright. No copy - whether whole or partial - of any of its digital reproductions of works of may be made without prior permission.
The design and layout of the website qualify as intellectual creation and are also protected by copyright.

Permission to publish

Reproduction of works of art requires a publication permit, which must be asked per work and per publication.
In its capacity as owner of the works of art or as holder of deposited material, the Hamza Collection and Jasz Gallery is entitled to ask a fee for reproductions used.
As intellectual creations, reproductions of works of art attract copyright fees.
Separate permission must be sought from the heirs of artists who have been deceased for less than 70 years. Guidance in this matter is provided by Law LXXVI of 1999, which deals with copyright.

Information and requests for permits

Zoltan Gog
+36 57 503 260